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Learn how to pass your math class with this article. You’ll be able to find information that deals with your textbook, homework, your classes and the best ways to study online.

Make Your Textbook Work for You

You probably paid a lot for your textbook, so make sure you get your money’s worth! Your textbook might be dense, but it will provide you with a huge amount of information that will make it much easier to pass your course. Make sure you complete all of your assigned readings by the time they are due and read further if you need more help understanding a specific concept. If you have time, consider reading the information twice to understand it better.


Textbooks often include more practice problems than your instructor assigns. Working on them is a great way to keep your math skills sharp and ensure you’re ready to pass your tests.

Employ Classroom Time

Your instructor is there to help you pass your class, so make sure you’re in class to take advantage of his or her instruction. The more classes you attend and participate in, the easier passing your course is going to be. You should take notes throughout the class, recording anything your instructor says is important, especially if your instructor is providing you with ways to solve different kinds of problems.


Don’t be shy about asking for help. If you have a question about something your instructor says or a section of your textbook, make sure you ask as soon as possible.

Homework and Studying

Completing the homework assigned by your instructor is a great way to make sure you’re on track to pass a class, so make sure you keep up. Some teachers will penalize you for being late with assignments, so try to make sure everything is in on time.


Finishing all of your reading and homework doesn’t mean you’re done studying, however. You should be putting in several hours of study time each week. If you have done all your homework, you can quiz yourself on other problems, or find a study group. Study groups allow you to talk problems out and compare your answers. It also allows you to help your group members and get the help you need in return.

Give Exams the Preparation They Need

Try to cram the night before an exam and you’re going to have a much harder time passing your class. You should start studying several days before your exams. Go over your notes, look over any quizzes that your instructor has returned and practice solving extra problems.


Slow down and think while you’re taking an exam. Work on the problems you think you know the answer to first, saving more difficult questions for last. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification of questions and don’t forget that partial answers are often worth partial credit! Don’t leave a space blank if you’re not sure about the final step. Show what you do know and let your instructor decide how many points to give you.

Find Online Study Options

If you feel like you need more help passing your class, you can check out’s math courses. These study guides provide you with short video lessons that make it easy to understand mathematical concepts. You’ll have access to self-assessment quizzes and tests that allow you to practice solving math problems. There are also mathematics experts available to help you with any problems you have.

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